Esparter branding

Involved: Visual design, branding | Date: 2016

This was a side project for some previous colleagues who've started their own technology business. There concept is to work with startups and their development teams to help get well designed prototypes built quickly and well.

Esparto grass is an organic fibre produced from two species of perennial grasses of north Africa and southern Europe. It was used to make a whole variety of items, dating back 7000 years and is still used today. Items include baskets, rugs, ropes, floor coverings, paper, espadrilles and even walls for out-houses. In southern Spain there is an “Esparto culture”: a deep knowledge about the many uses of this fibre forms part of the traditions of these communities. As a carpenter is for wood, a craftsman for Esparto grass is an Esparter.

I used the blade of grass idea in the branding creating something that would work well in a variety of applications.

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