Historical trends for Hive

Involved: Visual design, UI design | Date: 2014

After a short time on the market and adoption slowly increasing, feedback began to roll in for the Hive remote heating app. One feature idea in particular became popular with other users and I was tasked with exploring how we might present historical data around temperature readings.

Firstly, let me explain how the system works. The early system used to made up of a few parts:

  • The hub
  • The thermostat
  • The receiver

The thermostat would communicate to the hub and visa versa and the hub would communicate with the receiver. The receiver is connected to the heating system in order to control it.

The hardware would frequently collect information like the current inside temperature and the target temperature the user had chosen their home to be. Information would also be gathered from a third party to find out the current outside temperature.

Using these endpoints, I explored ways that this could be displayed to the user in their mobile app.

Hive designs

I chose to explore two routes for the visual and UI design as this was a straight forward exploration task over the period of a couple of weeks.

Hive timeline design

The first being a playful horizontal timeline that users could swipe left or right to go backwards or forwards and pinch to zoom in or out for larger or smaller chunks of time.

Hive graph design

The second design was a more conventional graph design using native controls for the time and date periods

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